Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yet again a find myself in the swing of

Yet again I find myself in the swing of hammock life; this time the ends are firmly
Anchored in a hostel in rurenbaque. On this occasion New years was spent in the Bolivian amazon jungle with an eclectic bunch of travelers / local Natives and a shyte tone of mosquitoes (dear Lord, thanks for a holeless mosquito net... Amen).

To be fair 2015 started at 1015pm for us as apparently there is only so much dancing around fires to Indian music and listening to stories in which you can't understand because welll... My Spanish just isn't up to it yet :(  haha but good times.

So I swing here thinking about what/who makes it for you/ breaks it's And those that add spice ( not all spice is good). I am currently traveling with a German and Dutch
Lasses, my decision to bail out from Sucre (Spanish lessons) to venture onto the Amazon for NY was made within about 10 minutes after being offered the invitation.. These 2 rock and again I have laughed (to tears) on many occasions. These 2 add contrast to Mr fresh... Mr 'fresh' is a Canadian fellow who has probably provoked the most agitation since being here. Mostly from the perspective of over privileged, white male with zero regard for others/anything else. "I don't care if they put needles in their eyes if it makes them taste Good" following "they put them in a black box so they don't move and the meat it super tender"... Coming from an indervidual that is a self proclaimed animal lover. Anyway with indervidual brought up more distaste that any indervidual I have met in the last 5 weeks.

However 'mr fresh' gives perspective to just how rad pretty much MOST the people I met are and whom I have had immense pleasure in sharing my life/travel with; if even for a fleeting moment.