Monday, January 26, 2015

Wrote down some thoughts...

The fat sticks to the top of my mouth like oil on a bird fallen victum to the inevitable oil spills; damn you shell, BP, consumers, society and inevitably me for be a cog in the system; a cog that requires oil.. Damn it...

So my current major issue is that infact this 'butter' is anything but. I have woken in some place, a place i will venture out into and eat as much street food as takes my fancy. This however is after i subjecting myself to the semi stale bread, sugar syrup jam and 'not butter' that is commonly supplied by whatever hostel i have booked for the cheapest price; not to forget the cafe con leche i occasionally feel obliged to entertain... Usually with inevitable regret. The beauty of this situation is that although it sounds like a am bagging the situation i am actually embracing it with gob wide open. Welcome to South American as a back packer, a place that i am so content in being right now that the thought of waking in my own bed being served breakfast made by Frances  best patissier chef is not a thought that really interests me. Truth be told i no longer own a bed and some of the best pasteries i have eaten were actually in a remote bolivian town in the fringe of the amazon... Random? Damn right! 

Day dreams, never underestimate the potential implication a PG rated day dream can have on your life (AO ones aren't bad either, just less of those come to fruition)! I currently feel as though i am the living the day dreams i once had whist doing the daily mundane. Don't get me wrong, I have largely loved most of my life, my job was pretty neat and i enjoy wherever i am (mostly) BUT not all of life experiences are created equal. EXAMPLE: yesterday started with adventure, punctuated by having major change of plans on the spot, which lead to knowly getting lost (lost is relative) in the mountains just out of cusco with an Aussy lass i managed to befriend after meeting in machu picchu then again bumping into walking the streets of Cusco 200km away.. Spontaneity and randomness are my life, a aspect that love... Untill i need a day off where i just sit, write in a cafe, read, laugh out loud to myself and converse with friends in foreign lands.

Home is where my back pack is (more like my passport). When i left NZ i had spent a month culling everything down to 4-5 plastic boxes (2 taken up by tax/gst) a few bikes n bits AND a rather large box with my MTB and CX bikes in which will be sent to canada whenever i get there. Essentially  I have no established home and i damn well love it; it's very liberating having no obligations.. Besides paying for my hostel bed and being in upstanding human (all relative right)... Even showering is optionaI.. And that's an option i toy with. I think is one of the closest i have ever felt to feeling free, something I can't explain but can only feel.

I am content and that there is a great feeling.

Anyway, these were thoughts of the day... Who knows tomorrow may change everything.


Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 will be amazon!

Pin ball... The current analogy of my life. Where i go I don't entirly know.. Where i have been however, you will now see..

Spanish lessons in Sucre
Xmas in Sucre with an accumulation of rad people... And alcohol (haven't been drinking much this trip.. But i made up for it)
Spontanious departure from Sucre towards amazon for NY (descison made within minutes)
La Paz shinanagins
Cancelled flights
2015 head bands
Piranha fishing 
Amazon machete fun times (limbs and fingers still attached)
Rurenabaque 'airport' card games
Constipation (not me) 
Smelliest clothes in the world
Dangerous road bike riding
And 2 of the funnest kids to do it all with

Heading on 3 hour boat trip to jungle

Amazon jungle craft

Meriam... She's Dutch...


Heading back to wifi and pisco sours after 3 day

The princesses 

Caught piranah on NY and ate it... Like a boss

I often judge a backpacker by their airport comfort finding ability...

Pre trip trouser adjustments

Amazon jungle home

The kids. Meriam and sonya....great company, many laughs

Dear lord, thanks for a holeless mozzy thing

Xmas eve.... VERY good evening!!

Siete cascada (seven waterfalls walk) in sucre

On our way to midnight mass

Walking that way.. To almost get eaten my dogs. Sucre mirador

Motorbike adventures in sucre mountains

Sonya. Xmas eve.. Naughty and nice

3 girls 1 hammock 

Drunk and in charge of fixing a ping pong ball... Kiwi magic

Hostel lyfe

Xmas dinner

And this lil llama went wee wee wee all the way to.... Peru?


Jebus wasn't there.. But feral dogs were

Most epic failure at stream crossing resulting in 3 grown girls in hysterics crying of laughter

Siete cascada, sucre

Biarches love mango

Always enough room

Love me a good nap!

Hammock life overlooking la paz

Epic pool failure!! Games should NOT take an hour!

Hostel pet

Meriam being my door at the toilets that have none... Whilst doing the 'worlds most dangerous road'

Sonya and meriam have spring loaded back packs... Sonya called a truce and just slept on it

'Worlds most dangerous road' bike tour (I've ridden worse hehe)

If you get it... You get it..
Pretty much!

Doors.. Totes over rated!

Core to the hard!
Also farking cold! Twas snowing!

Kids playing

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yet again a find myself in the swing of

Yet again I find myself in the swing of hammock life; this time the ends are firmly
Anchored in a hostel in rurenbaque. On this occasion New years was spent in the Bolivian amazon jungle with an eclectic bunch of travelers / local Natives and a shyte tone of mosquitoes (dear Lord, thanks for a holeless mosquito net... Amen).

To be fair 2015 started at 1015pm for us as apparently there is only so much dancing around fires to Indian music and listening to stories in which you can't understand because welll... My Spanish just isn't up to it yet :(  haha but good times.

So I swing here thinking about what/who makes it for you/ breaks it's And those that add spice ( not all spice is good). I am currently traveling with a German and Dutch
Lasses, my decision to bail out from Sucre (Spanish lessons) to venture onto the Amazon for NY was made within about 10 minutes after being offered the invitation.. These 2 rock and again I have laughed (to tears) on many occasions. These 2 add contrast to Mr fresh... Mr 'fresh' is a Canadian fellow who has probably provoked the most agitation since being here. Mostly from the perspective of over privileged, white male with zero regard for others/anything else. "I don't care if they put needles in their eyes if it makes them taste Good" following "they put them in a black box so they don't move and the meat it super tender"... Coming from an indervidual that is a self proclaimed animal lover. Anyway with indervidual brought up more distaste that any indervidual I have met in the last 5 weeks.

However 'mr fresh' gives perspective to just how rad pretty much MOST the people I met are and whom I have had immense pleasure in sharing my life/travel with; if even for a fleeting moment.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Beetle game

I have started a new game in Sucre.. Pretty self explanatory really (I am a simpleton after all). I call this game 'Take a photo of all the VW Beetles I see'.

I personally quite enjoy this game