Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 will be amazon!

Pin ball... The current analogy of my life. Where i go I don't entirly know.. Where i have been however, you will now see..

Spanish lessons in Sucre
Xmas in Sucre with an accumulation of rad people... And alcohol (haven't been drinking much this trip.. But i made up for it)
Spontanious departure from Sucre towards amazon for NY (descison made within minutes)
La Paz shinanagins
Cancelled flights
2015 head bands
Piranha fishing 
Amazon machete fun times (limbs and fingers still attached)
Rurenabaque 'airport' card games
Constipation (not me) 
Smelliest clothes in the world
Dangerous road bike riding
And 2 of the funnest kids to do it all with

Heading on 3 hour boat trip to jungle

Amazon jungle craft

Meriam... She's Dutch...


Heading back to wifi and pisco sours after 3 day

The princesses 

Caught piranah on NY and ate it... Like a boss

I often judge a backpacker by their airport comfort finding ability...

Pre trip trouser adjustments

Amazon jungle home

The kids. Meriam and sonya....great company, many laughs

Dear lord, thanks for a holeless mozzy thing

Xmas eve.... VERY good evening!!

Siete cascada (seven waterfalls walk) in sucre

On our way to midnight mass

Walking that way.. To almost get eaten my dogs. Sucre mirador

Motorbike adventures in sucre mountains

Sonya. Xmas eve.. Naughty and nice

3 girls 1 hammock 

Drunk and in charge of fixing a ping pong ball... Kiwi magic

Hostel lyfe

Xmas dinner

And this lil llama went wee wee wee all the way to.... Peru?


Jebus wasn't there.. But feral dogs were

Most epic failure at stream crossing resulting in 3 grown girls in hysterics crying of laughter

Siete cascada, sucre

Biarches love mango

Always enough room

Love me a good nap!

Hammock life overlooking la paz

Epic pool failure!! Games should NOT take an hour!

Hostel pet

Meriam being my door at the toilets that have none... Whilst doing the 'worlds most dangerous road'

Sonya and meriam have spring loaded back packs... Sonya called a truce and just slept on it

'Worlds most dangerous road' bike tour (I've ridden worse hehe)

If you get it... You get it..
Pretty much!

Doors.. Totes over rated!

Core to the hard!
Also farking cold! Twas snowing!

Kids playing